Trek Venture Nepal


О себе

Trek Venture Nepal is a Nepal based trekking company, registered with the government of Nepal and managed by a group of local trekking professionals.
Our company is recognized by Nepal Tourism Board(NTB), Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal(TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA), Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Department of Inland Revenue(PAN), Department of Foreign Exchange Management and we are also affiliated with Himalayan Rescue Association(HRA).

The founding members of this company graduated from the Nepal College of Travel and Tourism and have years of experience under their belt, having lead many trekking teams from around the world in various regions of this country. After graduating, our sole focus was to optimize the travel experience of our fellow visitors and make necessary amendments based on our experiences as team leaders and guides to ensure that the clients that have entrusted us would be guaranteed premium services, affordable rates and the ultimate trekking experience. Having said that, we can never stop learning as every new day brings some new challenges and also new opportunities along with. We always strive to cover all the bases and leave no room for uncertainty when it comes to the safety and satisfaction of our customers as we consider our absolute privilege to be entrusted with delivering you an adventure that you can remember for your lifetime.

Furthermore, we believe that happy, satisfied and motivated staffs are the bedrock of any organization and in fact they truly are the ambassadors as they represent not only this organization that they work for but also the country for our foreign visitors. We take extreme pride in ensuring that all of our staffs from management to the porters are well taken care of. We are strongly against the practices of having porter brothers carry heavier weights just to cut corners and we thoroughly make sure their concerns and needs are addressed, as the saying goes, “the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.”

We believe that traveling is not merely an act of seeing places or meeting people, rather, it is a process of expanding your understanding of world around you, thus, a process to know yourself better. Be it your passion, fear, limitation or strength, each and all will be tested and when you come out to the other side of that experience, be ready to welcome a new you. Just more refined, with more depth, soul and conviction! Almost like an update to the mental software that runs the complex machination called ‘you’!



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