Dear Admin, Rozita and Mishka, thank you for your kind words! Greetings from Italy!
I leave you with a smiling pic, it was on my blog in a moment of my honeymoon, so my private life ;), if you go to this link you can see the last pic myself with a different smile, hahaha...for the rest, remember Monna Lisa had a little smile and no plastic surgery for sure ;)

Hello everyone, I arrived here through my blog traffic, and since I cannot speak russian I used google translator. I am flattered that foxy22222 thought my style was interesting and made a post about it, and I was a bit surprised about your comments, I just wanted to point out the following: first of all I am surely not a model, I blog as a hobby and I am NO celebrity. I smile just a bit in the pics of my blog but I would feel stupid standing there with open mouth for no reason, anyway it's just my personal choice for the blog...I have average teeth and it's plain ridiculous saying I went for plastic surgery or I have a problem in my facial nerve!!! I laughed when I read this even if it was a bit offensive. I show my clothes in my blog, I leave my big smiles for my private pics and my personal life, when they are spontaneous. It's not a beauty contest, you might like me or not but I hate plastic surgery and I would NEVER go after it. I am sorry my little smile bothers you so much...but I will keep having pics taken in my way, after all it's my blog :) Thanks for reading, peace and love