Вязаный накладной кармашек... на ребенка (Diy)

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Вязаный накладной кармашек... на ребенка (Diy)

Не очень понятно что это. Ребенок привязан слингом. А эта штука пристегивается сверху, на пуговки от маминого пальто. Имеет капюшон для головки малыша и карман для того чтобы мама могла греть руки. И малышку дополнительно согревает вязание и мамины ручки. Вот еще ракурсы с других стороны. Описание вязание прикладываю на английском,  помню как все злились переводу гугла! Ну не умею я переводить сама, что теперь делать(((

Вязаный накладной кармашек... на ребенка (Diy)Вязаный накладной кармашек... на ребенка (Diy)Вязаный накладной кармашек... на ребенка (Diy)

roject info
Hooded Coat Extension Panel (for Babywearing)

Skoodlet by Lee Meredith


Made for
me and Arlo

Needle and yarn
US 10 — 6.0 mm

Malabrigo Yarn Chunky

552.2 yards in stash

How much?
2.44 skeins = 253.8 yards (232.0 meters), 244 grams

Verde Esperanza

Dye lot

Color family

Purchased at
Happy Knits in Portland, Oregon

This is a modified version of leethal’s skoodlet, to use when I’m carrying my baby in our Sleepywrap sling. It has a hood for him, and instead of the scarflet sections, it has a long back panel that buttons onto my coat on either side. This way, I’m able to button my coat around him, and we both stay warm! I also added a pocket so I’d be able to keep my hands cozy.
I’m really happy with how it turned out. The only thing I don’t like is that the hood ended up a little too big. I re-knit it a couple of times, worrying that it would be too small (I wanted it big enough to fit over a hat), and I think I went a little overboard. But better too big than too small.
I followed the skoodlet pattern to make the hood, with a few changes to the pattern:
  • I used value a = 7.4x (24 st) instead of 8x (my gauge was 3.25 st/in, so this translated into 24 st)
  • I stopped knitting the section that goes over the top of the head when it was 12 inches long
  • I stopped knitting the joined hood section when it was 8.5 inches flattened
  • For value “c,” I used 2.5x
  • I stopped following the pattern when it got to the scarflet sections
After the hood portion was done, I worked in stockinette stitch (with 7-stitch-wide garter stitch edging) until the panel was 13” long, adding three 3-stitch buttonholes to match up with my coat buttons. Because Arlo is wider at the bottom than at the top, I increased the width of the panel slightly as I worked--it is approx. 15” wide at the top buttonhole and approx. 17” wide at the bottom buttonhole. To do this, I added 2 st (one on each side, right next to the garter edging) every sixth row, more or less.
For the kangaroo pocket, I cast on 24 st, knit in garter stitch for 1”, knit in stockinette stitch for 9”, and then knit another 1” of garter stitch. When it was done, I sewed it onto the front of the panel. It’s a little crooked, but it gets the job done :)


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Ой, минуснула, извините, пожалуйста, промахнулась! =(((
А вообще, интересная штучка для любителей слингов) 
Есть специальные слинго-пальто.  У них съёмная центральная часть и пальто становится самым обычным. Очень-очень удобно, чтобы малыш не замерзал.

 За идею + ! 
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